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E-commerce is not only a term, but a revolution in the IT World. After the initial speculations, people are investing tons of finances in the E-commerce sector. Advantageous in varied ways, the sector has proved to be beneficial for both consumers and retailers. Involving absolute paperless procedures, it has opened realms for extensive business transactions. However, the effectiveness and the probable benefits in an E-commerce initiative depend on the efficiency of the website created for the concerned businesses.

My Coders excels at creating E-commerce websites. Since, E-commerce involves concrete profits at hand, it is imperative that websites created should be secure and trustworthy as well. Websites are responsible for accepting direct payments from the consumers, something that urges them to look for options that are safe and secure. A consumer’s primary concern is that the transaction details should be well protected, a matter we consider with utter sincerity.

Our Custom eCommerce Website Development Process

Our group applies its imaginative ability to fabricate arrangements that ideally satisfy all your business requirements.

If welcomed, we provide recommendations to clients, who are new to E-commerce scene and would like to know about a few points that could make their desired website impressive and intriguing. Mostly, the prosperity of E-commerce depends on the publicity through shares, so we try to incorporate the social media functions in an effective way. We provide our services to both single product and multi product E-commerce. In multi product sites we try to enable an easy view for the related products, if so desired by the clients.

If we look into consumer preferences, no individual wants a complicated check out process. So, My Coders works on keeping the check out process a relatively simple affair, keeping the requirements of the clients in consideration. While online shopping has become a trend over the years, consumers still long for an experience that resembles an in person shopping. We invest our resources into employing techniques, which make your website look realistic and conclusively much more impressive to your customers. Rest assured, our sole aim is to guide your E-commerce towards commercial success.

Business Analysis

Our investigators look at your plan of action and gain extensive knowledge of your custom eCommerce site prerequisites. With due thought to the current market patterns and the overarching client conduct, a significant procedure is defined to assist you with picking the correct methodology and stage for your eCommerce site.

Infrastructure & Architecture

When the meeting stage is finished, our specialists set about characterizing the foundation of your site. This includes outlining the back-end and front-end prerequisites. We utilize the accepted procedures to enhance the website infrastructure, improvement, maintenance, and execution of your website. We always deliver customer-oriented cost-effective websites.

Design & Development

Once the deal is final, we start with the planning of design and development for the eCommerce website. By considering the target audience, our designers provide several prototypes for the site to develop its functioning. We always welcome constructive criticism from our clients, as it helps us to improve our services.

Testing & Growth

In the testing stage, consideration is given to all the details of your custom site. Different tests are done to check the usefulness of structures and contents. Also, we check the compatibility of the website related to the latest browser versions. Maintenance, redesigns, and enhancements are done to keep the site performing at its best.